Have you heard?  Victoria is getting Canada’s 1st Ever  Mega Yacht Luxury Marina, aptly named Victoria International Marina; and recently our Adams Mobox division of the Adams Storage family was able to help out by providing onsite mobile storage.

Victoria International Marina

The Victoria International Marina is going to be a great first for Canada and is bound to have a positive impact on Victoria and our local tourism and economy.

This new Mega Marina, located in the downtown harbor, near the Delta hotel, boasts 28 slips – all of which will have different designations. 


Slip Designations

7 slips– Exclusive 40 Year Lease
7 slips– Year to Year Lease
7 slips– Multi-Month Lease (3 Month Minimum)
7 slips – Daily Moorage (3 Day Minimum)


Each slip will be provided with 50 and 100amp hookups and are between 65-180 ft.  The Marina also plans to install 480-volt power.  This will be in the anticipation of electric boats being used more frequently.  The outer dock of the marina is 300ft in length and acts as a wave attenuator and has already proved effective, while the inner dock houses an 8m corridor for kayakers and paddleboarders alike.  Also, the marina gangway has been designed wide to allow the best access and ensure security.

Near land, the Victoria International Marina has laid the foundation for two separate buildings.  One building will house offices, commercial space, concierge services and a place for yacht crew to get some R&R.  The second building will be a 5-star, fine dining restaurant.

This luxury, state of the art marina is bound to be not only beautiful but also a boost for our local tourism.  And the cherry on top?  The Victoria International Marina will also be a partner in preserving our local ecology by putting great emphasis on sustainability and supporting the surrounding marine ecosystem.  Below you will find a link and list of items that The Victoria International Marina has committed to, to help create, what they call, “a new kind of luxury, eco-friendly tourism.”


  1. Maintaining a Healthy Local Ecology
  2. Carbon Neutral by 2020
  3. Creating Vibrant Community Partnerships
  4. Innovation That Leads To Industry


I know here at Adams Storage we can’t wait to see the finished product.  So stay tuned Victoria, for the opening of the much anticipated Victoria International Marina.  


If you would like more information about The Victoria International Marina just click here.  


-Shanda Sawyer