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Industry leader since 1983

Ask the Adams family what has made Adams Storage a leader in the industry over the past 30+ years and instantly it becomes clear….

The Adams family has passion and commitment to the industry and serving their community.

The history of Adams Storage always kicks off with funny stories. Stories about the old Adams family farmhouse, a crazy goat and selling “Adams Apples” from the highway.  As these stories unfold so does the history of how the company came to be a leader in the industry.  Eventually, in 1983 the family farm was sold to start Adams Storage Village Ltd.  Over the years, as the family grew, so did this unique business.  With over 40yrs of service, Adams Storage is now the LARGEST of it’s kind in the Victoria and Greater Victoria Areas.  Currently, there are 7 locations; 3 of which are NEW mobile storage facilities – Adams Mobox at Royal Oak and Sidney.

It is clear upon meeting the Adams family, and visiting their facilities, that this family has immense pride in community and business.  Judging by the cleanliness of the facilities and the incredibly happy and helpful staff; you know there is something special about the Adams family and their company.

Focusing on customers needs and creating an exceptional customer experience is always the goal with Adams Storage. With outstanding reviews and numerous awards, one can plainly see that this company can exude the “family feeling” while still being a leader in the Victoria storage industry.


Presently, the Adams Family is employing twenty committed staff members who all share a passion for the storage industry.  Our secret is TRUST; when you can allow yourself to trust another person you are opening yourself up to development. We are constantly changing and evolving to stay ahead of the industry, by having each person work together we are able to stay committed to growth and to be a leader in self-storage.