Moving is always easier said then done… Let us help to steer you in the right direction… Here is what NOT to do when moving house…


Do not “Wing It”

When you are moving do not just “wing it”.  Have a plan in place even if it is a loose one. Having a plan will eliminate wasting time and potentially save you money in the long run.  Come up with a moving plan.  Plan your movers, date of move, when to pack, what to pack and so.  You can click here to download and print a copy of our moving checklists to help you out!


Don’t “Rough It”

When moving do not try to rough it.  Expect that you will need to stay somewhere a night or two during your move and unpacking stage.  Additionally, pack ALL the essentials you will need for up to a two days.  If you try roughing it chances are you will end up exhausted, frustrated and stressed out more than you should be.


Do not spend too much time packing


When moving do not spend too much time packing.  A lot of people spend the majority of their time packing.  This is due to being sporadic and unfocused in the task at hand. Start with one room at a time and finish each room before moving on to the next. You should start with the rooms and storage areas that see the least use.  Next move to the areas of your home that are used the more often.  Don’t forget to label your boxes.   Another helpful hint: Detail clean as you go. This way you will not have to spend an extra doing this at the end of your move out.


Do not over pack your boxes


This is an often overlooked moving “do not”. Over packing boxes will lead to boxes falling apart and bursting open during a move.  As well, this makes your move more time consuming because over packed boxes will require more effort to move. A good rule of thumb when packing: Heavier items in smaller boxes and do not over pack your boxes.


NEVER pack anything valuable into a moving truck


When moving you do not want to pack things like money, jewelry, important documents, and sentimental ornaments.  These should be kept with you personally.  This will ensure that nothing valuable to you is lost, stolen or broken.


Do no get in the way of your movers when they’re working

Movers work hard and deal with a lot of heavy lifting and physical labor.  You don’t want to be a distraction to them as this could cause damage to your property and cause possible injury to your movers.


Do not select a mover based on price alone


The old adage often proves true here, quality over quantity. Plan on meeting your future movers to see what they are all about. Take recommendations and reviews into account when selecting your movers. Though you may pay a little more in the end, quality movers will help to safeguard your valuables and give you peace of mind.


Do not leave fuel in gasoline powered equipment when you move


Never move gasoline powered equipment with fuel in it. This is a huge safety hazard.  Spilled gasoline and oil could also cause damage to your belongings or the truck, and damage to the truck could mean paying damages to your movers/moving company.


Do not pack flammable items or perishables in the moving truck


Again, this is safety issue.  Additionally, moving flammable items could be considered against the law. Click here for a list of items you should not pack in your moving truck.


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