New Years Eve is a great time for celebration.  A time to spend with family and friends.  It also means people aren’t mindful of things going on around them or prepared for the celebrations.  New Year’s Eve Safety is often an an after thought or not thought about at all…


Use these safety tips to ensure a SAFE and HAPPY New Year!!! 


1)Keep your driveway and walkways clear.

When it snows, or debris flies due to winter storms, keep your sidewalks and driveways clear to avoid any mishaps or injuries. Your guests and delivery people will appreciate it!


2)Arrange for a driver in advance.

Weather it is a friend, family member, cab driver or uber.  Planning your ride in advance will ensure that you get home safe and sound. 


3)Remember fireworks and pets don’t mix.

If planning on having or attending fireworks it may be best to leave pets at home and in the house.  Pets don’t like the sound of fireworks and end up feeling distressed and/or taking off during the celebration.  


4)Hosting – Plan for guests to stay or a ride home.

Just like with arranging a ride in advance.  Be the host with the most and prepared to have people stay at your place or have an uber or designated driver lined up for those that would rather go home.


5)Be diligent with home security.

Unfortunately, the holiday season sees an increase in break-ins. Therefore, it’s important to always lock your doors, keep the garage closed, lock windows, and make note of strangers in your neighborhood. 


Happy New Years Ya’ll… Be Safe Out There!!! 


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