Summer is here and it’s time to get in those vacation days.  Instead of heading out and spending tons of money consider creating yourself the “staycation” of a lifetime!


Here’s our guide to the ultimate staycation… 



Set a start and end date and stick to it

This is THE MOST important part of your staycation. By setting an actual start and end date you can create a staycation vacation with less stress.  By setting dates you create a clear time boundary for yourself and others.  By setting this boundary you are then able to relax without worrying about anyone else. Don’t forget, during these days, you should not be doing mundane chores, work or anything that you would normally do on a day to day basis.  It’s time to let the day to day routine go and truly relax.


Set up your home to “FEEL” like a beach house or fancy hotel 

Before your staycation actually begins consider setting up your home like an air bnb, hotel suite or show home. Remove carpets, clear clutter, deep clean or bring in fresh flowers.  Whatever it may be, create a comfortable space in your home with a relaxing ambiance to really set the tone for your staycation.  


Plan your activities or lack of activities ahead of time

Don’t go crazy and schedule in a million activities in the traditional sense of the word. Schedule in some of that fun stuff but don’t forget to schedule in relaxing activities.  A spa inspired bath, reading a good book, taking time to nap and so on.  If you don’t do a least a little bit of planning you will most likely revert back to doing the things that “need to get done”.   This obviously would defeat the purpose of your staycation.


Turn off and disconnect your phone, tv, clocks and laptop/computers

Act as if you are on a vacation in a no service zone.  A place where time is not a priority.  Create space for yourself by turning off ALL the electronic leashes and distractions.  Laptops, cell phones, tvs or whatever you feel keeps your tied to your everyday world.  You could even go as far as removing all the clocks in your home during.  You wouldn’t be checking these things in a normal vacation setting so why would you during your staycation?  


Hire an in-house chef, massage therapist and/or cleaner

While you may not be able to afford all of these services the whole duration of your staycation, at least try choosing one to allow yourself to feel pampered and escape from it all.  Work with your budget but treat yourself to an in-house service and create the feeling of satying in a 5 star resort.


Organize a day or two of babysitting,  petsitting or partner sitting 

Give yourself a day or two without the obligation of kids, pets or a significant other.  Work out a couple days with a friend, family member or local services.  While there isn’t any actual partner sitters out there consider setting up a dream day out for your significant other.  This way you get some space to just be and your partner gets to do something they truly enjoy.  It’s a win-win!  Regardless of who you are or feel responsible for, create a YOU day, send the kids, pets and partners out for a day or two and enjoy your solitude.


Now go out and get ready for YOUR STAYCATION OF A  LIFE TIME!!! 

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-Shanda Sawyer