Summer Party Theme Ideas



Spiked Lemonade Bar

A simple, delicious and fun way to get you and your friends together on a hot summer day.  Here are a few recipes to get you started: Spiked Lemonade Recipes.


  Summer Party

Adult Bouncy Castle Party

This is an adult child’s dream come true! Prices Range from $250 to $500 for around 6 hrs of play and you can make it affordable by getting friends to pitch in.  No doubt an adult bouncy castle is bound to be endless amounts of fun.  Well, at least 6hrs worth of fun anyway.



Ice Cream Social

Fun for the whole family.  Ice cream is a known summer staple so why not throw an ice cream party?  Here’s a link on how to set up your very OWN ice cream social.

 Summer Theme Party


Picnic Party

Picnics are a classic summer time activity that are easily translated into a party.  Choose from modern to old time picnic themes.  Make them adult only or family friendly.  The options for a picnic party are literally endless.  Click here and here to give you some ideas for your picnic party.

Summer Theme Party


Outdoor Movie Night

Don’t have a local drive in?  No problem! DIY an Outdoor Movie Night and make it a family or neighborhood event!  Here’s just a few ideas to get you started.

Summer Theme Party


Adult Camp Party

Who says camp is just for the kids?  Adult camp is a thing and you can create your own.  Just take a look here!

Summer Theme Party


Water Party

Water fights are a classic summer activity and always a ton of fun.  A sure fire success on a hot summer day.  For some water party inspiration check out this link to Pinterest.

Summer Party


Bubble Party

Bubbles!!! Bubble Games, Bubble Art, Bubble Food… Fun!?  I think so!  Click here to help you brainstorm for your upcoming bubble party! 

Summer Theme Party


Star Gazing Party

Summer skies lend themselves to amazing cloudless night skies.  A great party idea, especially during eclipses, meteor showers and full moons.  Here is some info on how to throw a star party. 

Summer Theme Party



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