Roses are an obvious go-to gift for Valentine’s Day. But were you aware that every color of rose has meaning?

Below we have created a quick reference list of the color of roses and their symbolic meaning.



This is the most common color of rose give on Valentines Day and rightfully so.  Red represents true love, respect, courage, and often as congratulations.  It’s no coincidence that this color of rose is synonymous with Valentines Day as it is said to be the flower favored by Venus, the Goddess of love.



Yellow roses are quite beautiful and automatically you can feel a sense of joy upon looking at them and this is just what they stand for.  Along with joy this color rose also represents freedom, friendship, and remembrance.



The soft pink rose brings a sense of calm.  This soothing colored rose also signifies perfection, happiness, gentleness, sweetness.



White roses probably make most think immediately of purity, like that of a wedding dress, and that is exactly what this color of rose stands for; along with reverence, innocence, and secrecy.



When it comes to lavender roses just think Cinderella or Sleeping beauty, because this color rose represents complete and total enchantment.



Peach/Pink roses are an absolute favorite of mine and after learning the meaning behind this colored rose I see why.  These colored roses are equated with gratitude, appreciation, admiration, sympathy, and sincerity



Often seen at weddings which makes SO much sense because this rose color combination is said to symbolize unity.



Red and yellow isn’t a common combination that I have ever seen, but I think I like it!  These two colors combined are said to exude joy and happiness.  And who doesn’t want more of that in their life? 🙂


If you would like more information on what the color of roses signifies just click here


Happy Valentines Day To All….. From the family of Adams StoragePacking With Adamsand Adams Mobox Packing a Mobox


-Shanda Sawyer