Traits shared by Canadians, across Canada… Happy Canada Day All!  

We honestly believe all people are equal

In Canada it is pretty evident that all people are deemed equal. This is supported by that fact that Canada has no real hierarchy. We believe that everyone has equal rights and opportunity.  No matter who you are or where you come from.


We value diversity

Canada was created by immigrants and therefore is more than happy to welcome others, from across the globe, to live in this big, beautiful country. In fact, we value diversity so much we created an official policy on multiculturalism in 1971.  We were also the first country in the world to do so. This allowed people immigrating from other countries to maintain their cultural identity and promote cultural understanding within our country.


We LOVE the environment

As Canadians we take pride in the nature that surrounds us. We revel in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking, down hill mountain biking, skiing and the like. We appreciate all that nature has to offer. Be it the minerals and water we find everywhere, or the immense beauty and diversity the spans across the whole of Canada. It’s safe to say that nature is a big part of our identity as Canadians


We like to keep it casual

It’s not hard to see that the majority of Canadians like to keep life casual. From what we choose to wear, our casual work dress codes and our tendencies to address people by their first names. As Canadians we like to keep it casual because we ultimately want everyone to feel at home here.


We take pride in our communities but value our individuality

As Canadians we take great care in creating and maintaining a relationship with our communities. Be it through volunteering, donating or supporting local events our sense of community always shines through. While we value community, we also value our individual freedoms and rights. Not just for ourselves but for everyone else as well.


Respect is a given

In Canada respect is almost a built-in feature of being Canadian. This trait can be seen through out innate politeness, punctuality, acceptance of others and our possible “overuse” of the word sorry. Most Canadians won’t stand for any sort of harassment; And if harassment is witnessed you can be sure that someone will stand up and make it known that this behavior is simply not OK.


Humor is key

Canadians are known for being funny.  Just take a look at all the great comedians to come out of Canada like Jim Carrey, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Aykroyd, Seth Rogen, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman, Michael Cera, Leslie Nielsen and so many others. As Canadians, humor seems to come effortlessly and naturally and almost seems to be an essential to our personal well being. As Canadians we love to laugh and know how to not take life too seriously.


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-Shanda Sawyer