Mother’s Day is the time in which we have come to celebrate mother’s of all types.  But where and when did Mother’s Day Begin?


The Origins of Mother’s Day

Celebrations of mothers, motherhood and the like can be found as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans.  These civilizations held festivals to honor the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele.  However, the more modern version of Mother’s Day stems back to the “Mothering Sunday” Festival found in Christianity.  This festival was noted as a time for people to return to their mother church for a special service but eventually became more of a secular holiday where children would honor their mothers with flowers and gifts.  This holiday eventually merged with Modern American Mother’s Day, which is the way most people, across the world, now celebrate Mother’s Day.




Mother’s Day Now

Modern Mother’s Day was first conceived in the 19th century, in the U.S., and is credited back to Ann Reeves Jarvis.   Ann would create Mother’s Day after the passing of here mother, to honor the sacrifices individual mother’s made for their children.  She had created this holiday to spend a day in appreciation of your own mother or the mother figure you grew up with.  The day was officially established in 1914 and signed off on by President Woodrow Wilson.  In the years to follow Mother’s Day became Mothers’ Day, turning from the singular focus of our own Mother’s to ALL Mothers’.  This change, weather conceived as good or bad, was soon commercialized.

Regardless of where it all started, why or how we all celebrate Mother’s Day, one thing is certain.  Mother’s Day is for Mother’s of all types and everything that is maternal.  So let us continue to celebrate with the utmost love and appreciation.


We Love You Mom.


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– Shanda Sawyer