People associate family business with trustworthiness and reliability.  

And atAdams Logowe couldn’t agree more….


 OUR 5 REASONS why customers TRUST a FAMILY BUSINESS more than any other type of business…


1) It is about community.

Family businesses care about community. They care about community because it is like an extension of their own family.  Community is important to these business owners as this is where they “grew up”, where their roots are.  It is where they live and operate their business.  And when community is important to a business, customers will be treated like family.

2) Reliable.

A family business is a reliable business.  This is true for many reasons.  In recent studies, it was found that this type of business can outlast others in downturns because they are more disciplined with the allocation of their capital.  Where other businesses often fail, this business will maintain, and even thrive because they do not overspend when times are good.  This type of business is also considered more reliable because there is often more emphasis on the business’s longevity than there is on maximizing profit.  Unlike big corporations, family businesses want it to last for future generations.  Knowing this, the customer can have confidence that when times get tough, this business will endure.

3)Solid Values.

A family owned and operated business often operates based on personal values.  It is pretty certain than, that these values are shared between customer and business because this business is family and community based.  Solid values like integrity, honesty, understanding and care are easily adapted into the business.  And when a company has solid values the customer can be certain their experience is going to be an exceptional one.

4)Accessible Management.

Unlike commercial businesses, owners and managers are much more accessible.  The owner(s) will almost always be on the front lines, working for the customer and with their employees.  If there are any problems, the customer can talk directly to “the boss” because, the boss is always in.  This makes for great customer service as this is an assurance that things will be done promptly and properly.

5)Strong Commitment.

Commitment is a key component for family business.  Commitment to the customer means commitment from the customer.  When the customer benefits so does the business.  This makes commitment to the customer as important to the customer as it is to the business.  This commitment and mutual benefit allows the customer to have trust in the business and its services.


So, the next time you are looking for a GREAT business that shares your personal values and will provide service with the utmost care and consideration…..CHOOSE a family owned and operated business.


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-Shanda Sawyer