Summer is here and tis the season for campers… Take a look at our quick list of 10 EASY camping hacks!






1) Warm your sleeping bag with a water bottle.  

Prone to the cold while camping?  Try warming up some water over the campfire to put into your water bottle and place the water bottle in your sleeping bag.


2) Paint the inside of a jar, plastic water bottle or any other light weight clear container, with non-toxic glow-in-the-dark paint to create a ready made lantern.


Camping Hack



3) Stuff your sleeping bag sack to make a comfy pillow. 

Create a DIY pillow while camping by stuffing some clothes in your into your sleeping bag sack.  Easy and comfy. 



4) Make one time-use soap. All you need is a bar of soap and a vegetable peeler.


Camping Hack Soap



5) Always keep a clean and dry pair of socks on hand.

These socks are often referred to as “sacred socks”.  These socks are always kept clean and dry and only used in your tent/sleeping bag at night.



6) Add bundles of sage to a campfire to keep mosquitoes away.


Camping Hack Sage



7) DUCT TAPE!  It works for almost EVERYTHING!    

Duct tape isn’t just for red necks, it can be used in a multitude of ways.  The uses are endless.  From patching holes in your tent to fire starter.  Having duct tape on hand can literally be a life saver.  Click here for 78 ways to use duct tape by backdoor survival!  



8) Cotton pads dipped in wax and create your very own portable fire starters.


Camping Hack Firestarter



9) Waterproof your shoes 

By coating your shoes in beeswax or a waterproof spray to avoid wet feet and leaks.




YES!  Baby wipes… A favorite of campers everywhere, baby wipes can be used for bathroom breaks, face clothes and general hygiene while camping.  Baby wipes are ALWAYS a great item to have on hand.