Wet Weather Moving – Tips and Tricks


Moving on its own can be trying and filled with frustration.  While moving in the rain puts a literal damper on an already frustrating situation.


Here are 5 tips and trick to help you alleviate stress on those rainy day moves


1. PLASTIC BAGS AND WRAP – Keep your things dry with garbage bags, recycling bags and/or shrink wrap. While you can use these for obvious items, like the protection of furniture and clothing, you can also utilize these different types of plastic for packed away items. Wrapping your things in plastic before packing them away will ensure that your items won’t get damaged in wet weather.


2. USE PLASTIC BINS INSTEAD OF CARDBOARD BOXES – While this isn’t as cost-effective up front, plastic bins are a GREAT investment. Being plastic you can are almost guaranteed that your belongings will be protected from the elements.  And the bonus to plastic bins over cardboard boxes?…. you will have durable containers for future storage and to reuse in future moves.


3. SHORTEN DISTANCES AND CREATE AND ASSEMBLY LINE – A seeming no-brainer, this idea is often overlooked. By shortening the distance between dry spaces you will limit the amount of time your belongings are in the rain helping to keep your belongings drier. As well, If you have enough people, create an assembly line to even further decrease the amount of time your items will be exposed to the weather.


4. CREATE TEMPORARY COVER – Create a temporary cover for the outdoor spaces that you will be passing through. You can utilize tarps, outdoor shelters or pull your truck, mobile storage unit or vehicle under any house/building coverings that may be available.


5. DRY AS YOU GO –  Prepare for your rainy day move by keeping old towels, clothing or paper towel on hand.  You can also lay down mats or cardboard in areas that will see rain tracked in to absorb pooling water.  Put these in places such as your front door, moving truck or mobile storage unit.


                  – Shanda Sawyer


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