Get back to school ready with these 5 easy steps…



1) Set goals for the school year

Set yourself up with some goals for the upcoming school year.  By setting goals you are better able to keep yourself motivated and in check throughout the year.   When you set your goals keep in mind they don’t have to be lofty goals, they ccan be as simple as making it to all of your classes and being on time or, getting up early to create extra time in your day.  Setting goals are excellent ways to create motivators and mile stone markers.  Here’s some ideas about goal setting for students.  

2) Readjust your sleep schedule

A week prior to the start of school try to set up your sleep schedule to match that of a regular school week.  When you readjust your sleep schedule you are able to limit fatigue and in turn this will help set up your back to school routine.

3) Readjust your routine

This goes hand in hand with your sleep schedule.  A week before school starts create a routine that is based around your regular school schedule.  Practice getting up at the same time every day and getting ready as if you were actually going to school.   You can even make your lunch in the morning for that day or go for coffee when you would normally go to school.  Regardless of how you choose readjust your routine, it definitely makes your transition back to school much smoother.

4) Get Organized

While this could mean a multitude of things, getting organized for the school year is an important step.  This could as simple as readying your school supplies, books and other necessary items; or preparing for the upcoming year by studying and reviewing old notes and brushing up on what is new in the coming year.  Here are a few Pinterest checklist ideas to get you ready. 

5) Create Timetable or Calendar

Timetables and calendars are great ways to aid in your organization and keep you on track for a successful school year.  With a multitude of choices you can opt for a white board wall calendar, day timer and of course digital calendars that are available all over the internet.  Here’s an article with links to a few apps that would be great for students and parents alike.

Packing With Adams

-Shanda Sawyer