Although rainy season is fast approaching on Vancouver Island it doesn’t stop us Islanders from getting outside, getting active and holding an outdoor event. When planning an outdoor event there are many things to consider.

  • Where event supplies and equipment will be stored so they are secure and out of the elements?
  • How will said supplies and equipment be transported to the event destination safely, efficiently and with little effort?
  • How will clean, dry space be created for things like:
    • Office space
    • First aid stations
    • Activity centers
    • Simple shelter
    • Ect.


A GREAT solution? Mobile Storage Units

Just like the ones provided, right here, at Adams Storage in Victoria, BC.

Mobile storage units are incredibly useful as storage and “dry space”, for outdoor events, as they are sturdy, clean, secure and moisture controlled. Unlike outdoor tents, or other types of outdoor shelters, a mobile storage unit is not going to leak or blow over and is just as easy to “take down” as it is to “set up”. A mobile storage unit also provides “floor space” that will be unencumbered by weather or ground conditions. And as storage at your event; mobile storage units are extremely secure.

With only one point of entry, being made of solid steel and multiple locations on the door to “lock up”, you can leave your storage unattended with peace of mind.

With a mobile storage unit, the time and energy spent loading and transporting everything needed for the event, can be cut down considerably. Instead of transporting it all yourself, via “volunteers” or hiring someone to do it for you, consider ordering a mobile storage unit.


Let me give you an example of how it works:

  1. Order mobile storage unit – Here you will choose a size of unit, delivery locations, dates and times, other possible supplies needed and where your units will be placed at each location.
  2. Storage unit is delivered to the location of the supply and equipment pick up.
  3. Here the unit can be easily loaded, secured and prepared for transport to the event location.
  4. Storage unit is picked up from first location and transported to event location.
  5. Once the event is over? The mobile storage unit can be transported back to desired location for unloading of supplies and equipment and/or book a return of the mobile unit to it’s home. Or work out a transportation schedule, with the company, the best suits your needs. *Generally, most mobile storage facilities are able to accommodate transportation schedules that best suits the needs of the customer – if booked far enough in advance.


It really is THAT easy!!! Just ask us!!! Adams Mobox Storage

Whatever your outdoor event may be, why not simplify with mobile storage? Safe, secure, efficient AND convenient. Want more information about Adams Mobox, Mobile Storage Solutions? Click Here or Here. Adams Storage Victoria and Greater Victoria

      – Shanda Sawyer