Please remember that we have a large variety of shapes and sizes for storage, these are a few of the sizes we offer. Let us know your storage needs and the staff at Adams Storage will help you choose the correct locker size!

5 x 5 x 10- 25 sqft



A good storage size for small furniture and household items; christmas decorations, tables, chest of drawers,sporting equipment, boxes and other stackable items. This locker will accommodate about a pickup truck worth of goods.





5 x 10 x 10 – 50 sqft




Ideal storage size for a bachelor’s suite or a smaller one bedroom apartment. This or the 5 x 12 is probably the most common locker for students and sales reps storing their goods. Motorbike enthusiasts also park their motorcycles in these lockers during the winter months.




5 x 15 x 10- 75 sqft



Enough space to store items from a two bedroom or studio apartment; mattress set, sofa, dining room set, 10 to 20 boxes and other miscellaneous items. This particular locker is often decided upon when customers are selling their house and preparing it for sale.





8 x 10 x 8.6 – 80 sqft



Enough space to store items from an average two bedroom or studio apartment; mattress set, sofa, dining room set, 10 to 20 boxes and other miscellaneous items. Majority of these lockers have an 8′ door for easy loading and access.





10 x 10 x 10- 100 sqft



One bedroom house or a large two bedroom apartment is perfect for this locker. Customers enjoy the wide doors which makes for easy loading and unloading of their possessions. Easy access will make your move faster and can save you money if your using movers.





10 x 15 x 10 – 150 sqft



Great storage space for an average two bedroom house. Easy access, secure storage and we provide a 25% DISCOUNT on truck rentals when you store with any of the Adams Storage locations.





8 x 20 x 8.6 – 160 sqft



Contents of a three bedroom house, excluding the garage will fit into this locker. This particular container is also rented for the customer who needs a secure spot for their vehicle. Park your house or your car into this locker!





10 x 18 x 10 – 180 sqft



Contents of a three bedroom house, including appliances will be accommodated nicely into this storage locker. These lockers are also easy access which will make your move easier and faster. Please take the time to visit our storage facilities as the cleanliness and friendly staff are another benefit that is often overlooked.





10 x 25 x 10 – 250 sqft



One of the largest lockers we have which means you have a big house or a spouse that loves to shop! This particular storage locker is often rented by companies that need a cost effective way to store products before distribution or to families with above average homes. These lockers are ground level, have digital surveillance and are easy access for movers and large trucks.